Welcome. Hearing and balance, neuroscience, and auditory implants are my passions. I love science in general but I’m hopeful that at least people in these fields will find this website useful; with tools and ideas I’ve collected whilst reading for my PhD and in my Clinical Scientist and researcher role at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and University of Manchester. I now work as a cochlear implant clinical support specialist for Oticon Medical, which has offered me a whole new range of topics for this website. Scientists might find some interesting reading in a broader sense, so check out my blog section, let me know what you think and contact me or comment if there’s something that you’d like me to add.cochlea1

This picture is from my research on mice with hearing loss. In this project I was investigating the role of inflammation in hearing loss. The majority of my PhD focused on the role inflammatory state plays in how well people perform with a cochlear implant, but it’s also interesting to look at the basic biology of how the auditory system changes with hearing loss. This is a mid-modiolar cochlear section from an aged C57 black mouse with an HDAB stain.

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