No, no, I never stick anything into my ears


Damn it. That was too deep.

I’m going to discuss sticking cotton buds into your ears (and giving your brain a good tickle). I’m not condoning it – I’m discussing it because, well, we get a lot of dogma about it. Dogma can work for many people but it rubs others like me the wrong way. Continue reading

Age Related Hearing Loss and normal ageing

In our weekly lab meeting an undergraduate gave a presentation about some really interesting work on imaging the cochleae of mice with age related hearing loss (ARHL). He presented some whopping (but true) statistics about how most people by the age of 80 suffer from hearing loss and this instigated an interesting discussion. Doesn’t that make ARHL a part of normal ageing? Needless to say it’s not often discussed in the audiology community because many people know the answer, but after a quick on-line search I realised that it’s a question that isn’t appropriately addressed. Continue reading