CI 2014 – Munich


Are you planning on going? The conference is held every two years, and it’s undoubtedly the biggest in the field of implantable auditory prostheses. In 2012 it was hosted in awesome Baltimore “Charm” City; where I presented my work on trends in cochlear implant complications. This time around I’ll be showing up with some soon-to-be-published research on:

“A meta-analysis for predictors of hearing preservation after hybrid cochlear implant surgery”
Session date: 19.06.2014 at 15:00-16:30
Session: P1-4 Hearing & structure preservation II
Room: E-Poster 1 (P1-4-18) 
Make sure to stop by if you’re there  🙂

Here’s a sneak preview of my work: 


It’s  a box plot showing the median amount of low frequency residual hearing being preserved in 110 people after surgery; some who had steroids involved in their surgical protocol, and others who didn’t. That’s quite a gap over there (a statistically significant one), and don’t be fooled by the bars (whiskers). Those are minimum and maximum bars. 

Intra-operative topical steroids are one of the 7 contributing factors that we found to have significant effect on the preservation of low frequency residual hearing and contribute to as much as 70% of the variance experienced. 

Lots of big names are going to be at this conference, and there are some really interesting titles. Whilst looking at the session plan, these three caught my attention (but I’m sure there’s something for everyone involved in CI):

Ear and cochlea implant database – why the clinician needs a scientific database and the scientist needs a clinical database.  Thomas Linder.

The influence of linguistic skills on speech recognition in noise in listeners with normal hearing and cochlear implant users.  Cas Smits. (His doctoral thesis on telephone hearing tests was very interesting).  

Optical coherence tomography guided inner ear decalcification and cochlear anatomy. Saleh Mohebbi

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