Cochlear dissection

I started dissecting C57 black mice for cochlear immunohistochemistry with little experience in the area and in time realised that I had accidentally reinvented some ‘wheels’.

I think that the reason behind this is partly due to the rarity of information in this area but also the inaccessibility of information to those who are not within an institute holding the videos.

There are however a few great places that give instructions on cochlear dissection. I would start here; looking at this embedding protocol and considering how you are going to prepare the tissue, and then moving to 1:57 in the video Postsynaptic Recordings at Afferent Dendrites Contacting Cochlear Inner Hair Cells: Monitoring Multivesicular Release at a Ribbon Synapse. The section of interest if you are looking to dissect a cochlea from a skull is “Dissecting the cochlear tissue sample” and depending on what you intend to do, you could stop at 2:50, or later on. This Video Tutorial for Cochlear Dissection also gives some interesting insights.

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