Cast Iron Pizza

This is the closest I’ve gotten to proper, crispy, thin-base, Italian style pizza, without building a pizza oven. I bought my  ‘Old Mountain’ 10.5″ cast iron pan for about a tenner from from Home Sense and I haven’t looked at my pizza stone since. Don’t be fooled into thinking that cast iron is low quality cookware because cheap. It’s great value for money because it’s easily available. What makes it great for pizza is its stupendous volumetric heat capacity – it gets damn hot and stays hot. That’s what pizza ovens do. However, cast iron is infamous for its hot spots, so to heat it evenly, give it time and don’t fall into the temptation of turning the heat on full. You can get my dough recipe from here, but you’re not getting a sauce recipe out of me!

Just a note about cleaning you pan afterwards: protect your pan’s seasoning! Remove anything stuck it it whilst hot, using the back of a spoon. Do not soak it. Soap it only if necessary, use only the soft side of a sponge, and give it a light oiling once clean.

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